iPads are Helpful to Student Education

Everyone has their own opinion about iPads for school learning, but I personally think that iPads is useful to student learning.

Don’t you just hate it when you have a math homework and you have to use your textbook but you just can’t find it? Well that’s just one of the problems that the iPads will solve. Teachers can now assign homework on their class website and no one will ever forget to do their homework.

Also another issue that the iPads can solve is blogging, now we can all just take our iPads out and start blogging within a moments notice. On the other hand if we didn’t have the iPads the English teacher would have to reserve the computer lab and we wouldn’t get as much blogging done, so really the iPads extend our education.

My point is, that there are numerous reasons why iPads are very helpful to our education and can help our learning. iPads will make learning and teaching much more efficient to student and teachers.

For Challenge 4, I decided to post one of my own photo’s.

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March 26, 2013

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