Archive | March 22, 2013

My passion

Don’t you just love the feeling of accomplishment when you learn something new? Well thats why love diving, I like to feel the rush when you learn a new dive, thats why diving is my passion.

Everyday I walk into practice wanting to learn something new, wanting to feel that feeling when you do a dive you’ve never done before and experience that moment when you plunge into the water and you can’t help but smiling because you know you’ve done it! Imagine splashing into that deep blue oblivioun, feeling the water softly caress you. It’s an amazing feeling, and all it takes is a little bit of risk.

Your only goal is not just learning new dives but wanting to take that dive to a higher platform. It might me scary at first to dive or even jump off a high platform, I know I was but that’s the fun part when you overlook that fear, and just do and don’t think. When you look down, thinking that blue, massive pool is miles away, your insides freeze up. But over time, you become a costumed to it, which leads to many fun times, and risking it all to do what you love.

Even though diving seems scary from learning new dives, jumping off of high platforms, I find it fun and that’s why I diving to feel that moment when you dive off the board. It’s intimidating to jump off that board and know your either going to smack the water, or do the dive but its up to you, it’s your decision.

But I owe everything to Laura Wilkinson, an Olympic gold medalist, but what inspired me was that 3 weeks before the Olympic she broke three of her toes, but that didn’t stop her. She is so hard working and and so kind, she inspires everyone that she meets her.