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Phantom’s Music

I walked across his lair unable to help myself, the room was surrounded by soft candlelight lighting up the lonely, dreary place. There was mist everywhere, it covered everything that I could see and I couldn’t see where I was stepping. Every time I stepped, the ground squished underneath my sole. Only the faint sounds of hurrying waters in the background was all that I could hear, I closed my eyes away from the imprisoned darkness but only found that it was darker in the lair than it was when my eyes was closed. I continued on to the lake and the twisted roots grabbed on to the bottom of the lake like it was grabbing on for its life.

The Phantom’s music was scattered all along the ground,and his piano in the middle of his lair, weeping to be happy, to be found. Music was everywhere and you could see that music was his true passion, his past was inspired in his music and music had mended feelings. I walked around the corner but as soon as I left I heard the most beautiful sound, the sound of music. I quietly walked back and saw the Phantom playing his music, the candles started to dance with the music and the piano sang with the Phantom’s music and when he was done the room seemed to clap and the lair seemed to be filled with compassion and happiness when he played his music. But after the song the lair became the dark and dreary place I knew it was.



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Phantom’s Lair (Expository Writing)


The phantom’s lair is his heaven but also a hell, to the phantom as well. He feels unwanted in the world so he has pleasure by himself, isolated, and no one to judge him. But also it is his dungeon because he is alone and unwanted.


To the Phantom his lair is better than the world to him because he composes his music there and in the darkness he is allowed to pretend that everything is not real and a fantasy. In his music he describes his lair as it “ stirs and wakes imagination, silently the senses abandon their defenses, slowly, gently, night unfurls its splendor, for you eyes will only tell the truth, and the truth isn’t what you want to see, In the dark its easy to pretend.”


However the Phantom’s lair is also his hell for he is unwanted, and shunned from the world and hides from the world in his lair. He hides because the world showed no compassion, only hatred. He tells us that it is his “ dungeon of his black despair, his prison of his mind, his darkness deep as hell, because he is met with hatred everywhere and no compassion anywhere.


The Phantom’s is a place for him to hide from the world but also a dungeon of despair.

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